DILLON FAMILY of Early Scioto Co.OH.

EDWARD DILLON   b.1770 Washington Co.PA. 
 d.11-30-1843 Scioto Co.OH.
md CATHARINE unknown  b.12-11-1778 VA.
 d.2-12-1855 Scioto Co.OH.,
in the tax records 1807, and the census of
1820 show them w/ seven daughters.
I need lots of help on this family!!

NANCY     b.1-20-1801 d.12-31-1880 Scioto Co.OH. md WILLIAM ROWLEY  b.5-9-1801
Cayuga Co,NY. d.10-31-1880 Scioto Co.OH. they had ten children.

              CATHARINE A. ROWLEY           b.1820 d.7-5-1864 md James Berry 3-7-1845 Scioto Co. OH.

             ELIZABETH ROWLEY                 b.1822 md Benjamin Hoyt abt. 2-23-1844

            JESSEE  ROWLEY                      b.12-31-1824 d.3-15-1892 Scioto Co. OH. md Cynthia Jane
MONTGOMERY b.6-6-1829 d.1-15-1860 Scioto Co. OH. 1-30-1849 Scioto Co. OH.

            JOSIAH ROWLEY                        b.12-1825 d.7-16-1893 Scioto Co. OH. md CLARRISSA PILE
b.8-8-1829  d.4-4-1901 Scioto Co. OH. 7-18-1858 Scioto Co. OH.

            EDWARD ROWLEY                      b.3-11-1829 d.3-3-1915 Scioto Co. OH. md ELIZABETH ANN

  b.2-23-1838 KY. d.7-15-1896 Scioto Co. OH. 1-18-1857 Scioto Co. OH.

           SARAH JANE ROWLEY                 b.1830 Scioto Co. OH. md ADAM BAINER

           ANDREW JACKSON ROWLEY      b.2-14-1835 Scioto Co. OH. md EMILY DEAVER
                                  b.1834    4-24-1856 Scioto Co.OH.

          HULDAH ANNA ROWLEY               b.1-20-1838 d.311-1904 Scioto Co.OH. md ANDREW BARNETT
                                  b.1-11-1836 Floyd Co.KY d.2-12-1922 Scioto Co. OH. 2-7-1860 Scioto Co. OH.

          NANCY ROWLEY               b.1843 Scioto Co. OH. md THOMAS JEFFERSON BASHAM
                                  b.1-25-1842 d.8-2-1905  12-16-1862 Scioto Co. OH.

          SUSANNA ROWLEY           b.1847

SUSANNAH         b.9-24-1805 Scioto Co.OH d.1-5-1893 Scioto Co. OH, md JOSEPH  JAMES ALLERD
b. Sheffield York Co. England,    2-09-1833 Scioto Co.OH.

ELIZABETH         b. 1809 Scioto Co. OH, md ROBERT HALL b.1806 Greenbrier       
                       Co. WV, 8-3-1829 Scioto Co. OH.

MARY                  b. 2-11-1811 Scioto Co. OH. d.1-10-1842 Scioto Co. OH. md  FREDERICK WOOLFORD
 b.11-3-1798 Bath Co. VA. d.3-13-1871,  10-31-1833 Scioto Co. OH.

SARAH              b. 1813 Scioto Co. OH. md CHARLES HOPKINS 12-22-1833  Scioto Co. OH.


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