Death of Charles Jenkins

Typhoid Fever Again in Our Midst.

The Times regrets to chronicle, and the many
friends will painfully learn of the death of Charles
Jenkins, the popular fireman on the C. and E.         
Railroad. He had been suffering for several weeks
with typhoid fever, and at 6:40 last Monday           
morning a severe hemorrhage of the lungs, the       
result of weakness from the fever, resulted in his   
death. His brother, John Jenkins, yard master at     
the C.W. & B. Railroad depot, discontinued work  
at his post and never left the bedside of his beloved
brother until death separated them. Imagine the      
shock a brother who leaves his work and sits by     
the bedside for two weeks, expecting through         
 careful nursing and attention to bring him to health,
 and at last when worn out to see his brothers spirit
wing its flight. Tis sad, but we are all taught that   
we must die, and Charley Jenkins was called to a   
home without end.                                                  
He leaves an estimable wife, whose maiden    
name was Ella Leesburg, and two children to          
mourn his lose. Mr. Jenkins was born March 24th,  
The funeral services took place Wednesday    
morning at nine oclock, and the remains were      
interred in the cemetery at Dogwood Ridge, near   
Wheelersburg. The wife and brother desire to       
return their sincere thanks through the Times to   
the many friends who showed their kindness         
during his long illness, and espescially the             
Knights of Pythias.                                                 

"The Portsmouth Times"



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