Sunshine was the name given
this community by the Indians; it
  was on their inland route from the
         Ohio Valley.  Earliest settlers included
   George W. Gammon, B.F. Booton,
          Asbury Ware, Bill Glover, John Foster,
       and Warren Smith.  Gammon and his
            family came here in 1799, from Virginia.
         They had one mule, and the mother
       rode it, while the others walked. Miss
      Lettie Gammon still resides in the old
               homestead here, built in that year of 1799.
            The Ware and Glover homes are also
    over 100 years old.  Here also is the
              Nickel's store, and the Sunshine Methodist
            Protestant Church, built in 1914; that one
              burned down and was rebuilt in 1923. The
        church is located on Tygarts Highway.
                Here once were charcoal pits, lime pits,
         and considerable timber operations.  A
       fire-clay tramroad, owned by Thomas
       and Taylor Co. was built in 1900, and
           clay was hauled from Schultz Creek and
      White Oak Creek to the brickyard at
          Tayor.  They quit hauling clay in 1919,
           when better clay became available from
         Soldier.  Some of the first men to work
       on this tramroad were Sam Shay, Epp
         Fannin, Bill Estep, Sam Gammon, Dick
        Lee, Jim Young, Charles Thomas, and
                                         Rev. Williams.
      Oldest residents now living here
       include Mrs. Timberlake, 92; Cynthia
 Clay, 85; Warren Smith, 84; Tom
           Lumpkin, 86.   The first school here was
             built in 1868, and one of the first teachers
  was Mrs. Mary Shope.  Other early
           teachers were J.H. Lerbelt, Jerry Fulton,
     George Staten, Sam McKansty.  This
         school burned in 1900, and the present
      one was then built, with Fred Dowdy
      being the first teacher. Another room
         was added to it in 1922, and there now
                                         are 97 enrolled here.

"Old Greenup News"




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