BERRY ANGEL was born in Stokes Co. NC. md. JUDA Unknown
 the first known
fact is that BERRY was in the 1812 tax records living in
Ohio Twp. Gallia
Co.OH. abt. 1812, 1820 census he is listed w/ 4 boys and 4 girls. I have only Two.
           Have not found the names of the other six or links to names I have floating around.

  SARAH                b.c1812 Stokes Co.NC.   d.11/05/1887 Gallia Co.OH. md  Fountain Broyles

  CORNELIUS        b.c1816 Stokes Co.NC. md   Martha Atkinson  b.c1816 VA.  8/03/1836 Gallia Co.OH.

                      CORNELIUS and MARTHAS children were;

 *JOHN                     b.c1833 Gallia Co.OH. md  Vianna   b.c1835

 *JUDITH                  b.c1835 Gallia Co.OH. md  Andrew Diggins  2/10/1854 Gallia Co.OH.
 *ELIZABETH A.       b.c1837 Gallia Co.OH. md  Jackson Thomas  1/12/1854 Gallia Co.OH.

 *RUTH JANE           b.c1842 Gallia Co.OH. md  HEZEKIAH H. ANGEL  b.c1833 Gallia Co.   
                                                     d.5/19/1863 Vicksburg,MS.

 *JOSEPH                  b.4/14/1842 Gallia Co. md  MARY CATHARINE FRALEY  b.c1842 MS.                                                                    9/05/1865 Gallia Co.

 *CORNELIUS L.       b.11/05/1853 Gallia Co.  d.4/19/1930 Lewis   MARY ELIZABETH
EARWOOD  b.2/28/1851 Gallia Co.  d.LEWIS,Co.KY.   8/08/1872 Gallia Co.

CORNELUIS and MARY had four children;
                                         ^MANOLA         b.1874 Gallia Co. OH. md WILLIAM HICKMAN

                                        ^OBADIAH         b.1876 Gallia Co. died young

                        ^LEONA             b.3/4/1879 Lawrence Co. OH. d.1913 Lewis Co. KY md WILLIAM D.
b.7/13/1883 d.12/21/1915 Lewis Co. KY. 11/2/1905 Lewis Co. KY.

                        ^MARY ELLA     b.11/7/1890 Lewis Co.KY d.2/22/1940 Scioto Co.OH. md ELZA LEE
b.1888 Lewis Co. KY. d.1967 Scioto Co. OH.

*WILEY                  b.c1855 Gallia Co. md   1.Rosella Hammon  2.Eliza E.Garlic  3.Sarah F. Hill

*JANE                    b.c1857 Gallia Co.OH.

*WILLIAM               b.c1867 Gallia Co.OH.



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