am researching the GAMMON family that was first known
to be in the Norfolk,VA. area. My branch, RICHARD DOZER
 moved to GREENUP,KY. in 1799, they had seven children;

 1.SAMUEL WILSON GAMMON   b.4/6/1792 VA.   d.6/6/1845 Greenup Co. KY. md  MARTHA FUQUA
 b.5/16/1798 Campbell Co.KY.  d.10/27/1852 Greenup Co.KY.

                                  SAMUEL & MARTHA's children were;

                               2. RICHARD DOZIER          b.1/1819

                               2. WILLIAM                          b.3/1820

                               2.JOHN W.                          b.4/1823

                               2.SARAH                             b.4/1825

                               2.MARY W.                         b.8/1826

                               2. MARTHA W.                    b.8/1828

                               2. LOVINA                           b.2/1836

                               2. SAMUEL WILSON,Jr.     b.10/1839

1. WILLIAM        b.c1794   d.10/26/1844 Greenup Co.KY.

1. JOHN S.         b.12/01/1797  d.12/08/1881 Greenup Co.KY. md  1.HANNAH BERRY  b.10/11/1807
 d.10/12/1854 Greenup Co. KY.  2.MARY KING b.1803 PA. d.1/25/1889 Greenup Co. KY.

                                 JOHN & HANNAH's children were;

                          2.MARTHA ANN               b.10/1828

                          2. JAMES                           b.8/1830

                              2. ANDREW JACKSON     b.12/1832 d.12/1910 Greenup Co. KY. md ELIZABETH COX b.9/1843 IN.  d.12/1899 Greenup Co. KY.

                                      ANDREW and ELIZABETH'S children were;

         3. JOSEPH                              b.12/1860 d.12/1882 Greenup Co. KY.

       3. WILLIAM FRANKLIN           b.4/1865 Greenup Co. KYd.3/1942  Scioto  Co. OH. md NANNIE M. McALLISTER  7/1866 Greenup Co. KY. d.2/1935 Scioto Co. OH.

                                              WILLIAM & NANNIE's children were;

                 4.BERT WILSON        b.12/1887 Greenup Co. KY. d.12/1968 Scioto Co. OH. md.

 (1)Norma Hurst   b.6/1891 greenup Co. KY  d.3/1955 Scioto Co. OH.

  (2) MILLIE WIDDIG b.5/20/1903  d.12/21/1991 Portsmouth, Scioto Co. OH.

                                                  BERT & NORMA's children were;

                                    5. ROY W.                               b.7/23/1915

                                           5. BESSIE.                              b.10/1918    

                                           5. FRANCIS.                            b.11/20/1920    

              4. ANDREW CRAWFORD        b.10/1888 d.11/1955 Scioto Co.OH. md SARAH SEIBERT b.2/1893  d.8/-1927 Scioto Co. OH.

                                                  ANDREW & SARAH's children were;

                                    5. LOUISE                                   b. 1915

                                    5. MABLE MARIE                       b. 5/11/1916

                                    5. HOWARD CHARLES             b. 10/1917

                                    5. RAYMOND ANDREW            b. 12/1918

                                    5. GENENIEVE ANNIE           b. 6/27/1920

                                    5. WALTER RAY                         b. 4/9/1922

                                           5.  HARLAN WILLIAM                 b. 4/8/1924

                                          5.   HARRISON FREDERICK        b.6/11/1925

                                          5.   DAVID FRANKLIN                   b. 7/3/1926

                                  5. MARY MAUDE                         b.5/1891 Greenup Co. KY. md PEARL TITUS  b.1889 Greenup Co. KY.

                                     MARY MAUDE & PEARL's children were;

                                         6. LOUISE                            b. 1912

                                                 6. HELEN                            b. 1914

                                                 6. JOHN                               b. 1915

                                                 6. SELMA                            b. 1918

                                         6. LENA JOANETT             b. 1925

        4.GEORGE FRANKLIN               b.9/1893 Greenup Co. KY d.12/1972 Scioto Co. OH. md. ELIZABETH JENKINS b.8/1897 d.5/1981 Scioto Co. OH.

                                                  GEORGE & ELIZABETH's children were;

                 5. GLENN HENRY       b.6/25/1917 Scioto Co. OH. d.12/23/1980 Chillicothe, Ross Co. OH.                                          md. IRENE FRANCES EVANS b.2/23/1919 New Boston, Scioto Co. OH. d.7/27/1959 Portsmouth, Scioto Co. OH.

                                5.  GAYLE GAYNELLE        md. WILLIAM L. SLUSHER 1/1/1941 Portsmouth, Scioto Co. OH.

                  5. WESLEY CHANEY          md. MILDRED I MUNN 11/05/1941 Baltimore, MD.

            4. WILLIAM STEWART            b.5/14/1899 Scioto Co. OH. d.5/1981 Scioto

                 ANNA COURTNEY  b.7/31/1906 Scioto Co. OH d.4/04/1946 Scioto Co. OH.

                                                  WILLIAM & ANNA's children were;

                                           6. WILLIAM RAY                         b. 3/1/1928

                                                    6. ROGER McALLISTER            b. 5/12/1933

            4.ESTELLA          b.11/1901 Scioto Co. OH. md ALBERT BALDRIDGE b.Bonanza, KY.

           4. CLYDE             b.10/05/1905 Scioto Co. OH. d.1/17/1927 Green Twp. Scioto Co. OH

    3. SAMUEL WILSON             b.10/1867 d.4/1938 Greenup Co. KY. md CHARLOTTE BAILY b.8/1887  d.1954 Greenup Co. KY.

 3. LEROY BURN                           b.8/1870 Greenup Co. KY.  d.8/1935 IL.  md ELLA BLANKENSHIP b.8-1880 IL.

3. ANDREW JACKSON Jr.          b.4/1874   Greenup Co. KY.   d.5/1925  Scioto Co. OH.  md ROSA  DOWDY b.10/1886  Lawrence Co. KY. d.Scioto Co. OH.

EMMET L.                                 b.3/1882 d.Greenup Co. KY d.8/1922 Scioto Co. KY. md MAGGIE BANFIELD  b.3/1881 Carter Co. KY. d.4/1941 Scioto Co. OH.

3. ELIZABETH                               b.3/1886 Greenup Co. KY. d.7/1913 Concord, KY. md HENRY C. HORTON b.1880 VA.

                    2. NANCEY WILSON        b.12/1834

                    2. SARAH MARY              b.5/1843

1. JOSHUA SMITH       b.11/02/1799   d.3/27/1851 Greenup Co.KY. md HARRIET STEWART b.1/1813                                                                       d. 3/1868 Greenup Co. KY.

                                       JOSHUA and HARRIET's children were;

                                       2. MARY FRANCES               b.6/1834

                                              2. GEORGE WILSON             b.9/1835

                                              2. ANN PRICE                        b.7/1836

                                              2. JOSHUA MADISON           b.12/1839

                                              2. MARTHA ELIZABETH       b.11/1841

                                              2. SARAH MARIAH               b.1/1845

                                      2. THOMAS JEFFERSON      b. 8/1846

                                              2. HARRIETT M.                     b.1848

 1. MARTHA GAMMON             b.c1801 md JOSEPH BROWN b.3/1796 Greenup Co. KY.

                                        MARTHA and JOSEPH's children were;

                                                      2. EMILY BROWN     b.11/1832

                                                      2. ANN BROWN         b.10/1834

 6. JOSIAH GAMMON                b.9/10/1803   d.12/16/1881 Clark Co. MO.   md   CLARINDA STEWART   b. 10/1818 Greenup Co. KY. d.12/1891 Clark Co. MO.

                                        JOSIAH and CLARINDA's children were;

                                              2. ANN                        b.8/1836

                                              2. WILLIAM              b.11/1839

                                              2. MARY                     b.c1842

                                              2. WASHINGTON                   

                                              2. ROBERT                              

                                            2. SUSAN           b.3/8/1848 Keokuk, IA.  d.5/14/1928 Colville, WA.  md.  10/24/1865  Clark, MO. William Day 
  b. 4/24/1841  Leeds England  d.1/1/1900 Colville, WA. 

WILLIAM and SUSAN'S children were;

                 3. Willis                       b.9/18/1866  d. 1940  CO.  md   Etta

       3. CHARLES RICHARD        b.10/18/1868  d.1/1954   md  Elizabeth Padberg                         

                 3. Mary Clarinda           b.12/28/1870   d. 5/26/1952  Victoria, B.C.  md  Charles Duncan            

                 3. Joseph Webster         b.12/25/1872 Clark, MO.  d. 2/25/1955   Colville, WA.
                    md  Ebba Raun 4/4/1919 Spokane, WA.  b.12/26/1892 Marshfield, WI.  d.2/9/1973 Warren,MI.

JOSEPH and EBBA's children

    4. LAWRENCE JOSEPH    b.4/4/1922  d.12/12/1982  Weippe, ID.   md  Marion Anderson      

        4. MARY SUSAN               b.7/7/1927  md   Walter Harold Knight  b.1-8-1923                         

3. JAMES ELMER               b.12/16/1874                                                                                                       

3. NIVA ELWOOD                b.10/5/1884                                                                                                        

                                         2. LUCINDA                             

                                                 2. DELLA                                

                                                 2. CLARINDA                          

                                                 2. PAULINA                              

1. ROBERT B. GAMMON          b.2/04/1806 Greenup Co. KY.   d.3/17/1889 Clark Co. MO. md
LUCINDA ANDERSON  b.3/1811 Greenup Co. KY. d.4/1899 Athens, MO.

                                          ROBERT and LUCINDA's children were;

                                                      2. EMILINE                           b.11/1832

                                                      2. ANN                                  b.10/1834

                                                      2. MARY                               b.12/1836

                                                      2. LUCINDA                           b.1839

                                                      2. SAMUEL                            b.7/1845

The decendents are every where, OH,MO,IA,CA



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