before 1856

The first record of the family in Scioto Co. OH. was John Jenkins
in the 1802 tax records.The family lived at was then called Kettle's
settlement, now known as Ashley Corner Bloom Twp.The 1830      

John Jenkins          b.11-20-1787  VA.  d.5-30-1856  Bloom Twp.

Scioto Co. OH

Mary Unknown       b.1-9-1783  VA.  d.4-19-1859  Bloom Twp.
 Scioto Co. OH   

Both are buried at Jenkins Family Cem. Ashley Corner.

    census listed five boys/ five girls but I have only found these children;

1. ANDREW JENKINS                    b.c1818

JOSEPH JOSIAH JENKINS        b.11-12-1821 d.12-4-1898 Scioto Co. OH. md LUCINDA CALL                    b.11-12-1821 d.10-8-1913 in 1-8-1846 Scioto Co. OH. 
JOSEPH JOSIAH JENKINS & LUCINDA CALL had the following children;

              2. LEVI             b.2-1847   Scioto Co. OH. md    MARGARET BACCUS

              2. GEORGE     b.10-1848  Scioto Co. OH. md   LAURA  A. PURDY

              2. KENDALL    b.1850 d.6-20-1929 Scioto Co. OH. md SARAH E. HERDMAN

                                       b.1853 d.5-22-1917 Scioto Co. OH.

              2. JOHN W.      b.3-1853 d.10-18-1907 Scioto Co. OH. md CAROLINE C.

                                       DRACE b.4-1851 d.6-17-1906 Scioto Co. OH.

2. CLAUDIUS  b.4914-1855 d.6-7-1941 Scioto Co. OH. md EFFIE
MAE BARNETT  b.5-25-1860 d.4-30-1925 Scioto Co. OH.

                          CLAUDIUS and EFFIE had the following children;                                             

                                3. NANCY M.                          b.10-27-1880  d.1-26-1965 Scioto Co

                                3. GEORGE CLEVELAND     b.7-31-1884 d.8-18-1953   Scioto Co.
 md  LULU R. BOREN b.1887 in 1904     

                                3. HENRY CHARLES            b.6-12-1887 Scioto Co.   d.bef.1980

                                3. HORACE TRACE              b.12-03-1890 d.1-08-1981 Scioto Co.
md FLOSSIE J. RICE b.1888   4-20-1918 Scioto Co.

                                3. OSCAR LEVI                      b.3-10-1893 d.11-07-1973 Scioto Co.
d.10-29-1973  4-16-1914 Scioto Co.

                                3. HARRIET ELIZABETH        b.8/03/1897 d.5/12/1981 Scioto Co. md.
 GEORGE FRANKLIN GAMMON b.9/10/1893 Greenup Co. KY.
d.12/17/1972 Scioto Co. 4/18/1916 Scioto Co.

             2. CARLOS CHARLES  b.3-24-1857  d.12-14-1886 Scioto Co. OH. md ELLA LEESBURG

             2. CYNTHA BELL          b.9-12-1859  d.11-6-1939 Scioto Co. OH

             2. STIMMEL                   b.2-9-1862 d.2-16-1928 Scioto Co. OH.
                         md MARY A.
AEH b.7-9-1863 d.8-18-1944 Scioto Co. OH.

             2. NANCY MARGARETT  b.1865 Scioto Co. OH.

             2. HARRIETT ZILPHA       b.7-1867 md HENRY TURNER b.6-1870 OH.  

             2. HORACE Tracy                     b.12-26-1870     d.8-30-1872    Scioto Co. OH.

1. SUSAN JENKINS                      b.c1823 md THOMAS CALL b.6-19-1825 d.4-1-1896 Scioto Co. OH.

1. NANCY JENKINS                      b.c1826 md HUGH T. CALL b.7-6-1822 d.4-18-1891 Scioto Co. OH.



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